Commissions and Bespoke Jewellery

Unique and hand made, bespoke, commissioned contemporary jewellery range.

Welcome to my contemporary jewellery commissions and bespoke jewellery page, it includes necklaces, bangles, brooches, earrings, cuff links and rings that were all made by me and requested by you. Some pieces are remakes of jewellery that were old and unworn, remodeling your jewellery is something I specialise in.

The selected commissions on this page were all made since December 2005. I can to work to your ideas, no matter how strange, if you have something in mind, please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

The bespoke jewellery on this page are updated regularly so come back often to see new work. The prices guides are a roughly what the item cost when it was made and it will probably differ if you order a similar piece of jewellery. If you’d like to leave a comment, click on the image of the piece you like, or leave a general comment at the bottom of this page.

The bespoke jewellery on this page are one off pieces, they may be available should you wish for something similar to be made to your specifications. Please email me if you would like to order or discuss any of the pieces on this page, or phone on 07712 90 97 93. There’s a comments box at the bottom of the page if you would like to add something.

Please note it is the customers responsibility to know the correct ring size before a ring commission is made, particularly engagement rings that are intended to be a surprise. I will try my best to alter the new ring if it’s too big or small but this isn’t guaranteed. I am not responsible for rings commissioned as a gift that then don’t fit.

Very rarely, a customers idea and then my realisation of that idea are a a little different. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before ordering a commission.





‘Blimey Charlie’ Silver Personalised Cocaine Straw

This silver cocaine straw is 8cm long with a 4.6mm inside diametre, it can be made with any personalisation. This one says ‘LAST TIME I  PROMISE’

Price £70 CURRENTLY FOR SALE. A plain Silver Cocaine Straw is £40. Go to my Silver Cocaine Straw page. Also pictured is a special commission of a ruthenium plated Cocaine Straw with a message – these are £110.




14mm Gold plated silver ring

14mm Gold Plated Silver Ring.

This 2 ring was created for a customer who wanted a very wide ring, 14mm high.

Price guide £160




gold rings made from 99.9% coin gold rings made from gold coin

Pure Gold Coin Rings.

These 2 rings were made by melting down a 99.9% gold coin bought in India. One of them has an addition of silver and the other one has a hammered finish.

Price guide £200




platinum wedding ring

Platinum Wedding Ring.

This 2mm platinum ring was made so sit snuggly next to an already existing engagement ring, its unusual shape meant it had to be hand made.

Price guide £380



ruby and diamonds ring remodel


Yellow and White Gold with Diamonds and Rubies.

This is a ring remodel and remake from my customers 18ct yellow gold ring that held 7 diamonds and 7 rubies. The chunky white gold body is new and together they make a beautiful 10mm heavyweight ring.

Price guide £680




silver wrap ring with diamonds and sapphires

Silver Wrap Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires.

This silver wrapped ring was made with old diamonds and sapphires which were removed from an unloved ring and reset into the new silver ring.

Price guide £230




18ct Yellow Gold with Diamonds and Sapphire.

This is a ring remodel and remake from 3 seperate unloved old rings.

Price guide £600




Silver with Black and White Diamonds Engagement Ring.

Price guide £320




Hammered Silver Wrap Ring with Tigers eye, Amber and Rose Quartz.

This ring was commissioned by my customer after he saw my web site and couldn’t decide which rings he liked best so he chose a few differing ideas and put them all into one ring design.

Price guide £200





9ct Yellow Gold & Diamonds Divorce Ring

This ring remake is my customers new ‘divorce ring’ It is made from 2mm yellow gold wire, and I was able to reuse her diamonds from her unwanted engagement ring.

Price guide £600





9ct White Gold & Tanzanite Wrap Ring

This ‘snake’ ring is made from 1.5mm round white gold wire, it coils around the finger with a small tanzanite ‘eye’.

Price £350 CURRENTLY FOR SALE, email me for more info





9ct White Gold & Silver with Pearls Rings

These matching pair of anniversary rings (one made in silver and one made in 9ct white gold) have a row of pearls set evenly around the rings.

Price guide £600





18ct White Gold Skull Rings

These matching pair of rings have a bark hammered finish with little skulls on the front.

Price guide £1400





Red Gold Ring with Black Diamonds & Smokey Quartz – Palladium Ring with Black Diamonds and Citrine

These his & his wedding rings were made to accompany the silver hammered engagement rings

Price guide £1800




18ct Yellow Gold Ring with Rubies

This 9mm yellow gold  ring was made using my customers unwanted jewellery. The recycled jewellery was  originally a piece that my customers mum had bought her about 30 years ago, now, she is having it melted down for a more contemporary ring for her own daughter.

Price guide £220





9ct White Gold Ring with Red Gold Rope & White Gold Rope Ring

This 2mm white gold rope ring was made was made for the bride whilst the groom had a 6mm white gold ring with a red gold rope band.

Price guide £600.





Platinum & Diamonds ring

Platinum Ring with Diamonds

This 4mm platinum ring was made with 4 different size diamonds in an asymmetrical setting

Price guide £1600.



rough diamonds and white gold ring

9ct White Gold Ring with Rough Diamonds

This 2mm white gold ring was made with 3 different size rough diamonds and it has a rough sandblasted finish.

Price guide £600.


Ashes and Hand Print Ring

Silver Ashes and Hand Print Ring

This is another very special silver ring. The top textured section holds the ashes of a beautiful boy no longer with us.

The middle section is the boy’s parents gold hammered wedding ring. The bottom section is a silver ring with the son’s hand print on.

Price guide £160



Trillion tanzanite and Diamonds Ring 18ct White Gold

18ct White Gold, Tanzanite & Diamonds Ring

This ring was made using my customers own stones, the trillion shaped tanazanite was one she bought specially and the two diamonds were from an old unworn ring.

Price Guide £1400



2 Silver ‘Ashes’ Rings

These two rings are very special, they contain the ashes of the couples daughter who tragically passed away.

The rings are made from molten silver and the ashes are dropped in at this point, the resulting rings often have a riven and bumpy organic texture, one of these rings then has a ‘bark’ hammered finish applied. See more of my Bark Hammered Rings here.

Price Guide £100 each


red and yellow gold hammered wedding rings

22ct Red and 18ct Yellow Gold Hammered Wedding Rings

This 2mm wide red gold hammered ring was made from and old hand me down ring and to compliment it I made a new 6mm wide yellow gold hammered ring

Price Guide £100 + £700



silver iron ring

Silver ‘Iron Ring’.

This 2mm thick and 15mm wide ring is made from silver, it is reticulated and then oxidised to look like an old piece of rusted iron.

Price Guide £120




platinum and diamonds ring remake kathryn

Platinum Ring with Diamonds

This platinum wrap ring was made re using my customers diamonds from an unworn but much loved heirloom ring (pictured above)

Price guide £2000.




fordite ring fordite ring

Fordite Ring

Fordite is a material made of layers of paint, see more info here. My customer collects shards of Fordite from America, I made him this chunky silver ring to hold his favourite piece.

Price guide £250




chunky chain rings

Chunky Chain Rings

Did you get a chunky silver chain as a gift when you were younger? Is it just lying around lifelessly waiting to be turned into something more wearable? That’s what happened with my customer, here, he handed over a preloved chain he wore as a teenager but had no use for anymore. I turned it into two lovely chunky chain rings, one of them is oxidised and they look great worn together on the same finger.

Price guide £50


white gold, topaz, peridot and diamond stacking rings

White Gold Stacking Ring with Diamond, Topaz and Peridot.

This 9ct white gold set of stacking rings has 3 separate stones, the  diamond and white gold in the central ring was supplied by my customer in the form of a skinny unloved engagement ring, I removed the diamond re worked the engagement ring, reset her diamond and added the two outer white gold rings with a new pear shaped Topaz and and emerald cut Peridot.

Price guide £700

heavy reticulated silver ring

Silver Reticulated Ring

This very chunky heavyweight reticulated ring was made with a bunch of scrap silver that my customer bagged and handed in, he said ” Do whatever you can with this lot”. I knew he liked chunky rings, so i melted down the scrap and formed it into the crossover reticulated ring. It was then partly oxidised to bring out the unique riven textures.

Price guide £100



silver and gold wrap ring

Silver & Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds

This silver wrap ring with 9ct yellow gold bobble settings has 3 diamonds, both the gold and diamonds were supplied by my customer in the form of an old hand me down ring from a grandparent, I removed the diamonds and melted down the gold and reset them in her new silver wrap ring.

Price guide £400



gold Wrap Ring with Diamonds.

Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds

This 9ct yellow gold ring has 3 white gold settings, the 3 diamonds were supplied by my customer in an old hand me down ring, I removed the diamonds and reset them in her new gold wrap ring.

Price guide £600




silver ring computer designed silver ring with citrine

Silver Ring with Citrine

This is one of my first ventures into CAD, the first pic is a design my customer had made by computer, the next 3 images are the ring made in CAD, this is then 3D printed and cast in silver.

Price guide £450



platinum and 18ct white gold with diamonds and sapphires

18ct White Gold Ring and Platinum Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires

These chunky pair of heavy weight 4mm & 6mm court shaped rings are made using a channel set row of diamonds and sapphires.

Price guide £2900 for both


his and his platinum and gold wedding rings

18ct Red & White Gold Ring and Platinum His and His Wedding Rings

These chunky heavy weight 8mm flat shaped rings were made for a couple who have very different tastes.

Price guide £3000 for both rings


yellow gold and balck diamond ring with a matt brushed finishyellow gold ring with black diamondgold and black diamond ring matt

Yellow Gold Ring with Black Diamond

This chunky heavy weight 5mm court shaped ring is made using a faux tension set and it holds a 3mm black diamond, it can be made with a polished or matt finish.

Price guide £600



hand made re worked wedding & engagement rings

3 Gold Rings

These 3 rings are (re) made using my customer’s parent’s and grandparent’s wedding and engagement rings.

The man’s ring was made using his Dad’s 10mm wide 9ct gold ring, I chopped some off and created a more wearable 6mm wide ring for him, I then used the leftover to add to the newly created engagement ring which is a triple wrap design also which also incorporates her mum’s 18ct gold engagement ring, I also re-used the garnet, ruby and diamond from this old ring.

Price guide £400


gold and diamonds stacking ring

9ct White Gold Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires.

This ring is (re) made using my customer’s unwanted wedding and engagement rings.

The 10mm wide 9ct white gold ring is new, I re-used the old rings & created a more wearable and contemporary ring incorporating the sapphires and diamonds from the old rings.

Price guide £700

15mm silver heavy filed ring with diamonds

Silver & Diamonds Ring

This ring is 14mm high, it has a rough filed finish and 14 x 1.5mm diamonds, channel set in a wavy line from top to bottom.

Price Guide £400.


Silver and Gold Ring with Tanzanites

This ring is approx 6mm high with a polished finish and a clean edge. The 3, 3 x 4mm oval Tanzanites were supplied by the customer from an old ring she was handed down. I remodeled this new ring using my customers old metal and stones.

The piece across the middle of the ring was a part of the original 9ct white gold ring that was handed down, that I incorporated into the new ring.

Price Guide £400.




Silver and Gold Ring with Aquamarine & Diamonds

This ring is approx 15mm high with a polished finish and a clean edge.

The 12 little diamonds were supplied by the customer from an old ring she was handed down, along with a huge Aquamarine, I remodeled and reworked them into this new silver ring.

Price Guide £450.


Palladium Ring with Rubies

This ring is approx 6mm high with a polished finish and a clean edge. The ring was designed to fit into and around the customers own existing wedding and engagement rings, this eternity ring is the 3rd addition.

It holds 10 (for 10 years married together) rubies, the rubies were supplied by the customer from an old handed down ring.

Price Guide £600.


Palladium and Tanzanite & Black Diamonds Rings

These matching engagement rings are approx 6mm high, chunky, flat profile with a polished finish. Each ring holds 3 raised tanzanites and 3 flush set black diamonds.

Price Guide £1100 each.




9ct White Gold Half Bobble Ring

This 9ct white gold (no rhodium plating) ring is approx 8mm high at the front. I re- used my customers own rubies and diamonds and scrap gold from her previous un-loved rings..

Price Guide £450



9ct Yellow Gold Ring with a Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamonds.

This ring is made from my customers own weddings rings, both hers and her late husbands, I joined them together to make one double cross over band. The 4 stones are also my customers own, collected by her late husbands travels and stored away until now. I remade the rings combining their rings and the newly discovered stones.

The ring holds a trillion cut paraiba tourmaline, 2 princess cut diamonds and a round diamond.

In this case the ring only costs approx £350 because most of the metal and the stones were provided by my customer.

Price Guide (New) £1000



9ct Yellow Gold Ring with Sapphire & Diamonds.

This ring was made for the same customer as above, she wanted her existing engagement ring making more contemporary using her original sapphire. The 2 square diamonds are also my customers own, collected by her late husbands travels and stored away until now.

In this case the ring only costs approx £400 the stones were provided by my customer.

Price Guide (New) £800


hobbit ring

Silver Hobbit Ring

This plain simple ring was made from my customers own ideas, it has hobbit writing on the outside, it’s a personal message in Spanish, on the inside are some important dates.

Price Guide £80



Oxidised Silver Wedding and Engagement Rings with Onyx

This ring set was made with direct instruction from my customer. BLACK was what she wanted and black is what she got!

Price Guide £150



Platinum with Diamonds Engagement Ring

This ring was made with direct input from my customer, she knew exactly what she wanted and we designed it together. The 6 diamonds are from her mum and grandmother’s engagement rings and were removed and re set in her new platinum ring.
Read what my customer said about her new ring in the REVIEWS  page.

Guide Price with your own diamonds £2000, guide price using new diamonds £3000




Pearl & 18ct White Gold Engagement Ring

The 18ct white gold ring is rhodium plated, it holds a pearl which was acquired on my customers holiday years earlier. I also made a BESPOKE matching wedding ring to sit snugly next to this ring later on.

Price Guide £450


Silver & Gold Wrap Ring

A flat shape 15mm silver ring was made and wrapped with my customers unwanted yellow and red gold rings.

Price Guide £200


9ct White Gold Commitment Ring

9mm height, with 2 – 3mm sapphire’s and a Chinese inscription which says “I love You”

Price Guide £350

Go to my REVIEWS page to see what my client said about her ring.



2 Wedding Rings

Made from 9ct white gold, oval (court) shape with ‘slash & dot’ detail.

The smaller bespoke ring one is 2mm height with 10 vertical lines detail on the INSIDE of the ring and the large wedding ring has 10 – 0.5mm dots evenly spaced around the OUTSIDE of the ring. The 10 signifies the length of their relationship.

Price Guide £200 & £350




Silver & 9ct Red Gold (Rose Gold) Wedding Ring.

This ring has a silver flared centre with a revolving 9ct red gold band, inscribed on the band is LOVE CONQUERS ALL, the overall height is 9mm.

Price Guide £240


Customized Wedding Ring.

The original ring was a 18ct gold & platinum, with 2 round diamonds in a double square setting, an old wedding ring, it was my client’s mother’s wedding ring. Her wish was to update the ring and make it more contemporary and wearable.

I made a new 10mm white gold chunky flat band for the original ring to sit on, making a brand new, remodeled modern wedding ring.

Price Guide £280



9ct White Gold with Ruby & Sapphire Ring.

This wrapped White Gold ring has 4 wraps to represent my customer’s 4 family members and the Ruby and Sapphire are their children’s birthstones.

Price guide £250



Silver Ring with London Blue Topaz

This unique 15mm high chunky ring is made from silver and holds a 10 x 8mm oval London Blue Topaz

Price Guide £250



Silver & Diamond Sunrise Ring

Silver & diamond his & hers engagement rings, designed by the customer and made by me. The rings have a unique wave design on their edges to make them interlock with each other, hers has a 3mm round diamond and his has sun rays pointing toward the sun/ diamond.

NOTE: this sort of design can only be made when the couples fingers are of a similar size.

Price guide £200





18ct White Gold Engagement Ring with Ruby & Matching Wedding Ring

The flat engagement ring is 5mm in height and holds a 5mm ruby, the 3.5mm wedding ring was made at a later date to sit snugly next to the engagement ring.

Price Guide Engagement Ring £700, Wedding Ring £400



9ct Red Gold & Silver Revolving Ring

This spinning ring is made in sterling silver & 9ct rose/ red gold, it has BFP engraved on the outside (which stands for BAD FUCKING PRINCESS) and 3 x 2mm diamonds so the words read engraving reads BFP……

Price Guide £260

Go to my REVIEWS page to see what my client said about his ring.


Silver-Iron-Ringchunky silver reticulated ringchunky silver reticulated ring
Silver ‘Iron’ Ring

The brief set by my customer was “Can you make me a ring to look like this iron shard”

Of course I can!

Go to my REVIEWS page to see what my client said about his ring.

Price Guide £120


Chunky 9ct Yellow Gold Hammered Ring with London Blue Topaz and Long Earrings

This is a heavy 12mm gold ring is made with a 9mm x 6mm pear shaped blue topaz, the matching earrings are approx 10cm long

Price Guide £1100



Silver, Ruby & Diamonds Rings

These 3 stacking rings were designed by my customer.

The top ring is a plain, 4mm, hammered, wavy top ring with a matt finish, the middle ring is a 10mm cut out silver ring with a pear shaped ruby in a 9ct white gold setting, it has a partly oxidised finish.

The bottom ring is a 6mm oxidised ring with 6 randomly placed sparkly diamonds. All the stones came from an old unworn family ring, I remodeled the stones into a new set of stacking rings.

The picture on the left shows the finished ring with an oxidised finish and the one on the right shows it with a polished finish.

Price Guide £400



Customers own re-designed ring

The silver patterned part of this ring was the customers own, it was quite old and very thin. I made a new red gold band with 2 yellow gold edges for it, to create a new chunkier wearable ring.

Price Guide £300


gold and diamonds wedding rings

9ct Gold with 9 Diamonds Ring

This pair of wedding rings was commissioned using my customers old hand me down diamonds. His wedding ring is approx 10mm wide.

Price Guide £700 for both rings.



Sapphire Eye Ring

9ct White & Yellow Gold Ring with Sapphire

This design was requested by my customer to look like an EYE, the white gold ring is easy to resize because it isn’t a continuous band and to add extra contrast the ‘iris’ (setting) is made in yellow gold with the superior quality blue sapphire as the ‘pupil’.

Price Guide £1300




18ct White Gold Ring

This 18ct white gold wedding ring design was requested by my customer to sit perfectly with her existing 18ct white gold & diamonds engagement ring.

I didn’t make the original engagement ring. The new wedding ring has 10 small holes to mirror the 10 small diamonds in the engagement ring.

Price Guide £400



Platinum & 7 Diamonds Engagement Ring

This 2mm thick x 5mm high platinum flat ring was designed with specific instruction from my customer.

The ring holds 7 x 2mm round diamonds, each set flush in a square settings. (the couple have been together for 7 years).

Price Guide £1400



Gold, Silver, Peridot & Clear Topaz Ring

This chunky court silver ring has a 9ct yellow gold settings holding my customer’s own stones.

Her husband had kindly brought back from his travels a lovely peridot and two square cushion clear topaz for her, I used these in her new ring.

Price Guide £500




Aquamarines with Silver & Gold

This new ring was made from my customers existing rings that she wasn’t happy with, I remodeled them into a more contemporary ring with the addition of some new silver too.

Price Guide £300



Silver & Large CZs Ring

This chunky ring holds 2 large CZ’s, one clear and one champagne.

Price Guide £200



9ct White Gold Wedding Rings

These 2 x 9ct white gold wedding rings aren’t rhodium plated, leaving the warm natural gold colour to be seen.

The rings have a matt finish and hers holds 3 x 1.75mm diamonds, 2 of which are set ‘off’ the rings edges.

Price Guide £800



gold, silver and diamonds stacking ringgold, silver and diamonds stacking ring

Silver & Gold Stacking Rings with Diamond

These 3 rings were made using my customers diamonds from an unworn engagement ring, the contrasting silver and gold compliments the contrasting matt and polished finishes.

Price Guide £480




Red Gold with Diamonds Re-Modeled Ring

This ring gold ring was originally a 5mm wide and thin band, I remodeled it into a chunkier but slimmer band, the new white gold settings hold 6 of my customer’s own diamonds from a different also unwanted ring.

Price Guide £260



Red Gold and Rough Diamond Ring

This is a wrapped red gold ring that holds a large rough diamond.

I did not source the diamond as they are notoriously difficult to get hold of in the UK. If you’d like me to make you something similar you would have to find your own rough diamond.

Price Guide £200


Platinum, Diamonds and Garnet Ring

Platinum, Diamonds and Garnet Ring

This chunky flat platinum ring is approx 2mm x 3m, it holds 2 small diamonds and a square garnet stone.

Price Guide £800



18ct-White-&-Yellow-Gold-Silver-&-Diamonds-Ring   18ct-White-&-Yellow-Gold-Silver-&-Diamonds-Ring-1   18ct-White-&-Yellow-Gold-Silver-&-Diamonds-Ring-2

gold, silver and diamonds stacking ring

18ct White & Yellow Gold, Silver & Diamonds Ring

My customer had brought in her late mother’s old rings. Together we designed the 4 stacking rings using her diamonds and some of her yellow gold. I added the silver and 18ct white gold into the design.

Price Guide £900



9ct White & Red Gold & Tanzanites Ring

My customer had brought in her own very large and unusual shaped Tanzanite stones to have made into 2 new stacking rings. The settings had to be specially designed in CAD.

Price Guide £1000


gold and diamonds capoira ring

9ct White Gold & Diamonds Capoeira Ring

This ring is based on the Brazilian dance Capoeira, it was designed with direct input from my customer.

The curves and shapes reflect the movement and bends within the dance and the 2 diamonds represent the heads of the dancers.

Price Guide £600



wrap ring white gold

9ct White Gold Wire Wrap Ring

This alternative contemporary wedding ring is made with 1.5mm 9ct white gold wire, wrapped numerous times to create a chunky and solid 15mm band, it can be made to any height or thickness. See more of my wrap rings here.

Price Guide £700



18ct White Gold Eternity Ring with Emeralds and Diamonds

This alternative contemporary eternity ring is made with 4mm 18ct white gold D section wire, it can be made to any height with any number or selection of stones.

Price Guide £1400




CAD Designed Silver Ring with Citrine

This ring is made using CAD (computer aided design) design. My customer had a large square cushion citrine she wanted mounting in a silver ring. Its unusual shape and height meant I employed my first CAD designer.

Price Guide £300



gold, sapphires and diamonds bobble ring

9ct Yellow Gold Bobble Ring

This contemporary ring is made with my customers now unworn sapphires and diamonds from a pre-loved 9ct yellow gold ring, I reused her stones and gold to recreate this bobble ring.

Price Guide £700




9ct White Gold Hammered Wedding Rings

These contemporary wedding rings are made with 9ct white gold, the 4mm D shaped ring compliments the 3mm flat ring, they can be made to any height or thickness. See more of my hammered rings here.

Price Guide £380




Platinum & Diamonds Ring

This contemporary ring has been recreated using my customers now unworn and unwanted wedding and engagement rings.

Price Guide £600



Platinum & Diamonds Wavy Ring

This contemporary ring has been created with new platinum and approx 20 diamonds.

The little diamonds range from 1mm – 2.5mm and sit snuggly within the waves.

Price Guide £1400



9ct-White-Gold-&-CZ-Ring    9ct-White-Gold-&-CZ-Ring-19ct-White-Gold-&-CZ-Ring-29ct-White-Gold-&-CZ-Ring-3


9ct White Gold & CZ Ring

This cool contemporary ring has been recreated using a 7mm clear CZ stone with 9ct white gold, the ring sits comfortably across two fingers.

Price Guide £400




Silver & Gold Ring with Diamonds.

This chunky hammered silver ring has a yellow gold setting holding a London blue Topaz, it’s surrounded by little diamonds.

Price Guide £330




White Gold Wedding & Engagement Rings with Diamonds

These white gold rings were commissioned separately, firstly the crossover engagement ring with a single diamond and a few years later came a complimenting wedding ring with little diamonds set in.

Price Guide £800


white gold and rubiy ringWhite gold and rubies engagement ring with matching shaped wedding ringWhite gold and rubies engagement ring with matching cut away wedding ring

White Gold with Rubies Crossover Engagement Ring with Cut Away Wedding Ring

This unusual engagement ring has been created with my customers input and direction. His fiance was thrilled with it! A year later and they return to commission the matching wedding ring.

Price Guide £720 + £500


silver, red gold & diamond ringsilver, red gold & diamond ringsilver, red gold & diamond ring
Silver with Red Gold & Diamonds Wrap Ring

This chunky silver wrap ring was made firstly with a polished finish, then an oxidised finish. I re used my customers’s diamonds, each in its own bobble setting.

Price Guide £240


silver & diamonds ring

Silver with Diamonds Infinity Ring

This little ring was made with 2.5mm oval silver wire, it crosses over into an infinity symbol and holds 3 diamonds.

Price Guide £150


silver & diamond ringsilver diamond ring

Silver & Diamond Cut Out Ring

This 10mm high ring was made with silver flat sheet, it has a wide cut out section with a 5mm excellent quality diamond.

Price Guide £1700




gold and diamonds necklace pendant

18ct Yellow Gold Pendant with Diamonds.

The X pendant was made by reworking an old unloved ring with was set with 2 lovely diamonds, I chopped and filed the metal into shape and reset the stones.

Price guide £220




tattoo silver pendant

Tattoo Silver Pendant

3 lifelong friends decided to all get a tattoo incorporating symbols from each of them, they designed the tattoo themselves but – one of the friends chickened out! So, the other two commssioned this silver necklace for her instead.

Price guide £120




White and Yellow Gold Pendant with Sapphire, Tanzanite and Pearls.

The Art Deco inspired pendant was commissioned when my customer had previously bought the sapphire and tanzanite ready for a special gift someday. He brought them to me along with bits of old unloved gold and pearl, collaboratively we designed this pendant.

Price guide £630




Gold Nugget Pendant

This gold nugget pebble pendant has a cracked appearance and personal message stamped on the back – ‘LIFE YOU LOVE’

Price guide £250


David Bowie Pendant

This simple disc pendant was a commemorative piece for a big David Bowie fan.

The iconic lightning bolt lies across the front with the word STARDUST engraved on the back with the recipients Amethyst birthstone set in.

Price guide £130




Silver Hugging Pendants.

These matching hugging pendants were designed with help from my customers, both each held on a 4mm thick rubber necklace.

Price guide £90 (each)



Silver Yin Yang Pendant

This silver Yin & Yang Pendant was commissioned by my customer with the help of some images he’d found.

It has an oxidised, polished and hammered finish. Its quite large at approx 55mm diametre.

Price Guide £150



Silver & Gold Dog Tags

Suitable for cats and people too.

Price guide £50 & £300



Silver Bars Necklace

The commission request was that each silver bar should be different than the next, in any way that I wanted to make it.

Price guide £100




Platinum & Diamond Prince Symbol Necklace

Made for a special friend… Helen wanted her old platinum and diamond wedding & engagement rings remade into something more useful.

The new Prince symbol necklace is 3mm thick & approx 4cm high, with a 4mm diamond.

Price Guide £3000 for a new pendant or £1000 if using recycled metal.




Silver Chinese Symbol Necklace

It is 2mm thick & approx 4cm high.

Price Guide £160



Gold & Diamonds Necklace

This unusual necklace was made using about 10 of my customer’s handed down gold rings, some had diamonds in them. She also had chains and other pieces I could re-use.

I remodeled all of them & they were beaten, hammered, rolled and filed to make the organic and flowing links, the stones were then reset and the links put together to make this unique necklace.

Price Guide £500



Red Gold Necklace / Torque/ Chocker

A 3mm red gold wire is formed and shaped to fit the neck snugly.

Price Guide £300





Baby Teeth Earrings

I was asked to make something (by a mother) using her daughters treasured by baby teeth, kept for 21 years.

I used pearls with silver to create these drop earrings – can you spot the baby teeth?

Price Guide £80

Go to my REVIEWS page to see what my client said about her earrings.





Silver Guitar Pick Bangle

Silver Bangle Guitar Plectrum Bangle

‘John’s’ fingers and hand stopped developing and growing when he was 18 months the old. He’s now in his 40’s and it’s always been an ambition of his to play the guitar.
Together we came up with this very tight fitting silver bangle and plectrum idea.
John’s promised to send me a video of him playing in a few months time, so watch this space
Price guide £95




silver bangle with emeralds

Silver Bangle with Emeralds.

The chunky silver bangle is approx 120mm wide at it’s longest front end, it is reticulated giving it a textured and riven surface. The 17 little Emeralds represent each year my customer has had a special friendship with his lucky friend.

Price Guide £600


platinum and diamonds bangle Platinum and diamond bangle

Platinum Organic Bangle with Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphire.

The 40 stones represent my customers wife’s 40th birthday. 38 diamonds plus a single ruby and sapphire represent their 2 children, a boy and a girl.

The texture is riven and rough, reticualted and organic looking, see more of my silver Organic Bangles here.

Price guide £4000




9ct Gold Organic Bangle.

This gold bangle was made by melting down a pile of scrap gold my customer had given to me, it included old broken chains, single lonley earrings, unloved rings and sorry looking bracelets.

The image above show the process I used to melt them all down and form them into a new shiny gold bangle.

The gold bangle is flat and smooth on its front and back face whilst the edges are riven and textured.

Price Guide £150





9ct Gold Medium Barb Wire Bracelet.

Approx weight 33gms. Click here to see the silver Barb Wire range in full.

Price Guide £1400




Silver Spoon Bangle

This silver tea spoon was rolled, flattened, hammered and polished and made into a bangle, it can also be done with a table or dessert spoon – but the bangle will then be a double wrap over one.

Price Guide £60



Message Bangle with Diamonds.

This silver message bangle was made just like my regular ones (click here to see) and I added 4 diamonds into this bangle. Each of the 4 diamonds represent each member of her family, ranging from large to small.

Price Guide £300




Silver Barb Wire C Bangle

Approx weight is 60gms. This is a special commission barb wire bangle, it’s very different to my regular range which you can see by clicking here where you can see the silver Barb Wire range in full.

Price Guide £180



silver twig bangle

Silver Twig C Bangle.

Approx weight 30gms. This twig bangle is made using the casting process, the model was a real twig, a mold was taken and molten silver poured into the mold. see my Twig page for details on how to order.

Price Guide £120


silver knitting needle bangle

Silver Knitting Needle Bangle

This 3mm silver Knitting Needle Bangle has the recipients age stamped on the end ’21’ instead of the usual needle size.

Price Guide £80

silver and lapiz lazuli spoon bangle

Silver Spoon Bangle with Lapis Lazuli

This bangle was made with an old silver spoon and an old lapis lazuli stone.

Price Guide £130


gold reticulated diamonds, ruby and sapphire bangle

18ct Yellow Gold Organic Bangle with Diamonds, Ruby and Sapphire.

The 20 little diamonds are for a 20th wedding anniversary and the single ruby and sapphire represent their 2 children, a boy and a girl.

The texture is riven and rough, organic looking, see more of my silver Organic Bangles here.

Price guide £2500



chunky silver runes banglechunky silver runes bangle

Silver Runes Bangle with Topaz

This silver bangle needs a bit of background info.

My customer had a friend who died, this piece was made to commemorate his death.

His nickname was ‘Tiger’ so I engraved a tiger skin pattern on the inside. He had piercing blue eyes so the bangle has 2 London Blue Topaz set in (the pictures don’t do this vibrant colour any justice)

He was Irish so I engraved his full name across the front in Celtic Rune writing.

Price guide £300


gold triple connected bangles

Gold Connecting Bangles

These 3 gold connecting bangles are made from 3 different sections of gold wire, each one has a different texture/ polished & brushed finish. See more of my Connecting Bangles here.

Price guide £1200


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver and obsidian cuff links

Obsidian Snowflake & Diamond Silver Cuff Links

12mm Obsidian Snowflake spheres were chosen by my customer because they look like a globe and the recipient loved to travel.

The silver wall encasing the stones has personalised letters stamped on, ending with a small round diamond.

Price guide £220


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver lego cuff links

Lego Silver Cuff Links

7mm deep, approx 15mm square, these silver Lego cuff links were a request from my customer. They are made using a direct cast from a real piece of Lego.

Price guide £190


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver vuvuzela cuff links

Personalised Silver Vuvuzela Cuff Links

These silver, vuvuzela personalised cuff links were made by request from my customer who’s 21 year old son was attending the football world cup in Africa, they have initials and his age engraved on the ends.

Price guide £100



Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver parachute cuff links

Silver Parachute Cuff Links.

These silver, parachute personalised cuff links were made by request from my customer. The images and initials were engraved on the face of the cuff links.

Price guide £120



Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver cuff links

Silver ‘7’ Cuff Links.

This commission is part of a series of art to commemorate Bruckner’s 7th symphony. The seven notes engraved on the front are the first notes of the opening theme of that symphony.

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) was born in Austro-Hungary and was a renowned organist and composer of symphonies.”

Price guide £200


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver and pearl cuff links

Silver and Pearl Cuff Links.

These silver cuff links were made by request from my customer to celebrate their pearl anniversary, the cuff links have some personalised engraving on them too.

Price guide £120


silver chain cuff links

Silver Curb Chain Cuff Links.

These silver cuff links were made by request from my customer as a gift to her soon to be husband.

They were remade using the metal from his old chunky curb linked bracelet that he never wore.

Price guide £60


silver message cuff linkssilver message cuff links

Silver Personalised Message Cuff Links.

These square, solid silver personalised message cuff links can be made with any message (space permitting). They’re  made with a contemporary solid ball arm fitting. They can also be made rectangular to allow for more text on one line.

Click here to go to the Message Cuff Links page.

Price guide £105


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery silver brooch commission

Silver Flat Bangles Brooch

This simple silver brooch is actually made from 3 of my Flat Bangles, it has a mixture of an oxidised, a matt and a polished finish.

Its quite large at approx 100mm x 100mm

Price guide £140



Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery rush cart comission

Silver Rushcart Brooch

This brooch pin is approx 10cm high with a oxidised lustre finish.

The piece was made to commemorate 40 years as a leader in the Saddleworth Ruschcart festival.

Price Guide £160.


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery stork silver brooch

Silver Stork Brooch

Silver stork carrying the baby, made from silver with a partly oxidised, satin and polished finish.

Made for a midwife.

Price Guide £190



Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery brooch commsissionColette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery brooch commission

Silver Laboradite Brooch

This brooch pin is approx 7cm high with a polished silver finish.

The piece was made using my customers own Laboradite triangular pyramid stone.

Price Guide £195.





  1. Sandra Morgan on July 11, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Love Colettes work !!!
    If you want something special and unique….
    Mine is the organic Bangle with photos to show the process that Colette used.
    Professional, Artistic, different
    Colette has original ideas and has made me some fab Wedding rings and original Bridesmaids gifts ( that are adored)
    She has total understanding of the metals she uses

  2. Justian Hansen on August 3, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Well- I’m going to have to add some comments on your new site Colette!
    I’d like to start by simply listing the pieces of yours that I’ve got, from the very first mid weight silver Barbwire choker bought way way back in the 2000’s!
    Then on…
    J’aime Memory Ring
    Guitar pick Fordite pendant
    Oval Fordite pendant on brown leather
    Scratched heavy ring
    Roary Memory bracelet
    Hammered Fordite Ring
    Rough nut ring
    Rainbow agate pendant
    Hammered Fordite pendant
    Turquoise cross ring
    Apocalypse Fordite spike pendant
    Barbwire bracelet
    Blobs Ring
    Rough diamond flat top D Bangle
    Oxidised Shrapnel Ring
    Oxidised Shrapnel Bracelet
    Oxidised Elf Arrow necklace
    Oxidised Barbwire double cuff
    Bars necklace
    Bars bracelet
    Oxidised Wire wrap ring
    Spikes and shards ring
    Black lava wax ring
    Silver twig Bangle
    Silver twing ring
    Oxidised Barbwire & rubber Fordite necklace
    Flat top Fordite square ring
    & most recently the rough cubes of sapphire ring!!
    You’ve also lengthened a vintage Mexican necklace
    Adapting a ring that split in half to make two rings one black one silver.
    Made a Bundle of tiny turquoise pendants
    Turned an orphan ruby cross earring into a pendant with two tiny dogtags
    Silver plating some vintage gold cufflinks and tie clips to make them contemporary!
    And, not forgetting making several Rainbow agate pendants as gifts!
    Then you’ve made some treats for my Mother…
    A Silver wire cage ball pendant filled with opals, and a Gold wire cage ball pendant filled with amber
    Some Chinese white jade & chalcedony pendant & earrings and turning a broken Mexican turquoise bracelet into a pendant & studs
    I’m sure there’s more to come!
    I’m not sure she’s not addictive!!
    Basically, Colette is amazing, creative, fun, very very easy to chat about commissioning something from, and- to be honest- she’s my favourite creative person!

  3. Helen Watkins on August 10, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Colette has done two pieces for me that were commissioned – as a fellow Prince fan, she took my old wedding and engagement rings and turned them into a Prince symbol pendant that I adore and that gets great attention whenever I wear it. She has since also made my new wedding ring, taking the stones from an old family heirloom and putting them into platinum to create a ring that is really special and that means so much to me.
    What’s special about working with Colette is that she really takes the time to understand your needs and what you want to create – she asks questions to really know what’s important to you and despite having her own style, has no prejudices and just wants to give you the piece you have in your mind’s eye! Even if you’re not quite sure what that is, Colette will work with you until you do know, and goes to great lengths to help make sure you’ve got it just right. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I’m just deliberating what I want my next piece to be!

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