Hand made real flower petal range of jewellery by Colette Hazelwood

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Large Daisy Flower Necklace SOLD OUT

Rose Petal Necklace

Dark Pink with a golden centre, measuring approx 5cm x 5cm, it's rich dark red/pinky colour is very striking along with the dark golden inner part of the petal.

This is a large daisy type flower with white petals and a yellow middle, measuring approx 6cm x 6cm, it has a soft white delicate colour with a golden yellow centre.

Real Flower Petal Necklace
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Large Cream Petal Necklace

Beige with Pink Rim Petal Necklace

Unknown Pink & Yellow Flower Petal Necklace
A semi translucent petal, measuring approx 6cm x 6cm, it's veiny cream/ off white colour is delicate and pretty.
A frilly edged flower petal, measuring approx 10cm x 8cm, it's has a warm golden beige colour with a & pretty pink trim.'
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Dark Red Rose Petal Necklace
A single red rose petal necklace, measuring approx 4cm x 4cm, it's rich dark red colour is beautiful and striking. Also available in a golden yellow rose petal.
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Pink and Gold Tulip Necklace
Orange Mini Poppy Petal Necklace
This red &pinky petal measures approx 7cm x 5cm and has a variant colour of pink to golden yellow.
Peachy orange colour wild poppy necklace, measuring approx 4cm x 4cm.
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Dark Red/ Purple Tulip Necklace
Large Poppy Petal Necklace SOLD OUT
The largest in the real flower petal necklaces range, measuring approx 10cm x 9cm, this semi transparent dark pink (with a black eye) coloured petal is soft and delicate. Also available as a smaller French Poppy, measuring 7cm x 4cm.
The dark reddy purple tulip with soft flashes of gold, it measures approx 7cm x 4cm
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Price £22

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