fine wraparound bangle, oxidised silver
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Fine Wraparound Bangle


The Fine Wraparound Bangle is a continuous coiled solid design, it has no fastener, it slips snuggly over the hand. Free UK delivery.

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Product Description

Fine Wraparound Bangle

My Fine Wraparound Bangle is made from solid silver oval wire which is 4.2mm x 2.2mm, then overlapping the solid bar is metres of fine 0.8mm silver wire that wraps and twists to create the unique texture.

The bangle is stiff and non flexible, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Fine Wraparound Necklace

It can be made in any wrist size, seelct your prefered size from the drop down menu , if your size isn’t offered please email me and I’ll make one for you.

Your new bangle has two finish options, polished which is shiny & bright and oxidised which is blackened and then polished on the highlights.

Additional Information

Select finish

Polished, Oxidised (blackened)

Wrist size

Very Small 19cm, Small 20 cm, Medium 21cm, Large 22cm, xlarge 23cm, xxlarge 24cm


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