R o c h e l l e D o d s o n J e w e l l e r y

Rochelle Dodson is a contemporary jeweller working primarily in silver and gold. She also works with precious, semi precious and found stones.

She was a resident jeweller at Silverlode Workshops, which was situated within the Manchester Craft & Design Centre for 23 years. After many years of highly successful jewellery design and manufacturing she is now building on her experience in retail and design and continues to work with customers to create unique handmade jewellery commissions in her Chorlton studio in South Manchester.

Click here for examples of Rochelles work, or here to see Rochelle's unique ring designs.

If you would like to contact Rochelle to discuss a commission, call her on

07753 1234 43 or email her at contact@rochelledodsonjewellery.co.uk