30 Days in the Life of…

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

30 Days in the Life Of …

Day 2 – ‘ME’ | My colleagues @manchestercraftandDesignCentre and I are joining in a month long campaign to show you what we do and how we do it. Everyday in September 2019 we’ll posting a picture – all with the same theme. Today’s it’s ‘ME’. ok, so this picture is 20 years old and I’m celebrating my 20th year at #manchestercraft and Design centre #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft #manchesterjewellerydesigner #designerjewellery

Studio 4, Colette Hazelwood

It’s day 3 on our challenge 30 days in the life of …@manchestercraftandDesignCentre | ‘Our Building’ was a Victorian Fish Market and here you can see ‘my cabin’ which used to be one of stalls in the fish market. It’s now home to my studio and cabinets where you can see my invited makers work. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft #victorianbuilding #fishmarket #northernquarter

Colette Hazelwood jewellery work bench

Day 4 at @manchestercraft on our #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft challenge | MY WORKSPACE. Not very interesting perhaps but you can see today I’m working on some fingerprint jewellery, doing some book keeping and drinking tea. #manchesterjewellers #jewellerybench #jewelleryworkshop

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery & Lee Page Hanson Ceramics STUDIO 4

Day 5 on our challenge of 30 days in the life of … @manchestercraftandDesignCentre. |STUDIO 4 EXTERIOR. @leepagehanson and I have shared a studio for around 18 years now. We’re like chalk and cheese/ Cannon and Ball/ Yin and Yang. We’re also very lucky because our studio is right opposite the brilliant @oakstreetcafenq where we can indulge in our favourite vegan lunches everyday. #meetthemakeratmanchestercraft #studio4 #jewelleryandceramics @ MCDC – Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery STUDIO 4 Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Day 6 at #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft headquarters. The STUDIO INTERIOR at #studio4. I hand make contemporary jewellery in silver, gold and platinum. the work in the studio that’s for sale is mainly silver but all my pieces can be made in other metals. I mainly work to commissions now so if you have something in mind whether it be wedding or engagement rings, a gift for someone or just something frivolous for yourself, email me at info@colettehazelwoodjewellery.co.uk or email me here. #jewellerycommission #silverjewellery #contemporaryjewellery #handmadejewellery #manchesterjewellers

Colette Hazelwood jewellery work bench

Day 7 of 30 days in the life of … @manchestercraft on our #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft challenge | MY WORKSPACE. Not very interesting perhaps but you can see today I’m working on some fingerprint jewellery, doing some book keeping and drinking tea. #manchesterjewellers #jewellerybench #jewelleryworkshop

bike kit at work

Day 8 on our #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft challenge at #manchestercraftanddesigncentre | ‘THE FIRST THING I DO’ is get changed. I ride 120 miles a week just to get to work and back. Walk past #studio4 at 10am and you may get a cheeky eyeful of a half naked woman changing from her hi viz clothing to something equally as bright but more wearable in a #jewellerystudio #manchesterjewellers #cycletowork #womencyclists #girlonabike #femalecycling #dontdrivetooclose #givecyclistsroom #roadcycling

iron ring by Colette Hazelwood jewellery

Day 9 | INSPIRATION. This is a tough one for me because although I am inspired by lots of things/ people/ places I mainly work to commission now so my main inspiration is from my customers. They come to me with either a vague or a very definite idea of what they what, whether that be a very simple wedding band or something more individual like a personalised silver or gold Cocaine Straw. Here’s a great example from (one of my favourite) customers @justianhansen 😇 he brought this found shard of rusted iron to me and asked if I “could make a ring like this?” “Of course I can” I said. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft #manchestercraft #ironring #silveroxidisedjewellery #silverblackring #rust

no sketch book

Day 10 | SKETCHBOOK. I don’t use one so instead I’m showing a picture of my favourite person. I make notes of measurements and materials and drawings but they’re never in a book. Prince would approve. #nosketchbook #prince

30 days in the life of

Day 11 on | WORK IN PROGRESS. Quite an ironic title for me today. If you’re hoping to see lovely sparkly contemporary jewellery being hand made and created – think again. Today is all about my battle with web site updates. I’ve been shouting and stomping and generally being a grumpy bitch because it frustrates the hell out of me when it doesn’t work. I’m not a web designer, I’m a jewellery designer, I make things with my hands. Sat in front of a bloody screen all day when I could be making is not my idea of a fun day at work. #manchestercraft #notawebdesigner #websitetrouble #manchesterjewellers @ MCDC – Manchester Craft & Design Centre

red gold

Day 12 of 30 days in the life of … at #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft | MATERIALS. I’m currently working with some 9ct Red Gold Wire, it looks exactly like copper wire but about 49x the price 🤣. Actually red gold has become very popular over the last few years, it’s a lovely and warm colour – and it won’t make your skin turn green 🧤

vagina vice

Day 13 @manchestercraft on our #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft | FAVOURITE TOOL. can you guess what my (phallic Friday) favourite tool is? @oakstreetcafenq 😂 #phallicfriday #phallictools #notavagina

lady cyclist

Day 14, TOP TIP #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft


30 days in the life of

30 days in the life of

Day 15 | THE LAST THING I MADE – 30 days in the life of … #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft | it’s September which means only one thing in the studio – Christmas stock. I know, it’s September!!! Christmas gets really bonkers for us @manchestercraft so it pays to have lots of different choices/ sizes/ finishes and pieces for people to select from. Today the last thing I made were a selection of Hammered Rings. These are very popular both in the ship and in my web site.at https://www.colettehazelwoodjewellery.co.uk/…/hammered-rin…/ I can make them in any size and any width. #hammeredring #barktexture #silverring

NEXT | Day 16. Not the most riveting of images but a fine example of the types of things my customers ask me to make. A special pebble found on a special beach by a special person. We’ve all been there. Soon to be a silver and pebble pendant. Price guide £70. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft #pebblependant #foundobjectjewelry #stonependant @ MCDC – Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Day 18 | CURRENT EXHIBITION at @manchestercraft AND DESIGN CENTRE. Autumn Showcase:
Pewter Now & Jewellery & Contemporary Design Crafts: UCEN HE Graduates.


14 Sept – 14 Oct 219, 10am – 5.30pm, free entry

Preview event on Saturday 14, 2pm – 4pm.

Our Autumn Showcase brings you mid-career makers showing the best in contemporary pewter ware with touring exhibition ‘Pewter Now’, an exhibition chosen by our very own talented Resident Pewtersmith, Ella McIntosh and curated by the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen.


Day 19 | FAVOURITE COLOUR #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft

30 days in the life of


Day 19 | STORAGE. Love a good set of organised drawers. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft #jewellerystorage #jewellerydrawers


Day 21 | FAVOURITE MAKER. This guy, @leepagehanson is one of the most beautiful people I know. I’ve been lucky enough to share #studio4 with him for about 18 years. He’s the #beyonce to my #jayz – he’s the #morecambe to my #wise and the #apollonia to my #prince – and his work is quite good too. 😉

oak st cAFE

Day 22 | WISHLIST. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft & @oakstreetcafenq It’s not all about the objects you know. Our cafe is fantastic and right opposite my studio.


Day 23 | INVITED MAKERS. In my #studio4 @manchestercraft and design centre I sell both mine and other makers work. 30% of the work you see in my shop are made by #invitedmakeratmanchestercraft – the other 70% is hand made by me – #acdria makes resin jewellery inspired by nature, #hannahdoddtextiles makes quirky felt jewellery & #zincwhitejewellery make wooden pencil jewellery #handmadejewellery

leave no trace

Day 24 | COLLECTIONS. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft – I don’t collect anything, in fact I make it my life’s work to not consume crap I don’t need. Clutter, junk, stuff and waste – I’m the opposite of a hoarder, if it’s not practical or usable, I don’t buy it. #leavenotrace

30 days in the life of …

talked about

Day 25 | FAVOURITE QUOTE. Oscar Wilde. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft #oscarwilde

Day 26 | THROWBACK THURSDAY. This ring is based on the Brazilian dance Capoeira, it was designed with direct input from my customer.

gold and diamonds capoira engagement ring

The curves and shapes reflect the movement and bends within the dance and the 2 diamonds represent the heads of the dancers.

Price Guide £600 #capoeira #dancering #golddiamondring #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft

Day 27 | BUSINESS CARD. I’ve had the same layout on my 2 fold, 3 double pages business card for a while now. It works really well and there’s no VAT on it as it’s classed as a CD insert – result. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft #businesscard #jewellerybusinesscards #cdinserts @ MCDC – Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Day 28 | BRANDING my logo (in case you can’t tell) is my initials, the giant C is a design taken from my Fine Wraparound Bangle https://www.colettehazelwoodjewellery.co.uk/…/fine-wraparo…/ and my logo was designed by GMan https://gmancreative.com/phone/index.html #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft @manchestercraft #finewrap #wirewrappedbangles #jewellerylogo #jewellerybranding #gmancreative @ MCDC – Manchester Craft & Design Centre


Day 29 | PACKAGING. Don’t get me started on ‘packaging’ – one of my hates (just the one) is the shocking amount of waste and single use packaging that we consume in our everyday lives. Having to use packaging is a necessary evil in my work. However, most of my packaging is made from recycled materials, the paper boxes, business cards and paper bags can be recycled / reused after this first use and I always ask the customer if they need all the packaging I offer. #nopackaging #recyclepaper #leavenotrace #recycledjewellerypackaging @manchestercraft


Last day of our September challenge of posting something everyday in

30 days in the life of –

I’m so glad it’s over. Day 30| IF I HAD MORE TIME. #meetthemakersatmanchestercraft

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