8 Silver Stacking Rings

silver stacking rings

New jewellery silver stacking rings by Colette Hazelwood

8 Silver Stacking Rings – buy here. Each ring has different textures, finishes and marks. Available in any rings size with free UK delivery.

How do you wear Stacking Rings?

What are stackable rings?
Quite simply, stackable rings are rings that stack up on top each other. They stack one on another and you wear them all on the same finger like a pile of pancakes.

Now any rings could really be considered ‘stackable‘, I mean you could stack up anniversary bands (which would work well). The point is, there are no set rules when it comes to stacking rings. It’s all in what you like (and how many you feel comfortable wearing).
BUT… I can give you some helpful hints that will give you the best possible look.

Have matching styles
Keep the rings thin
Make sure the rings fit good together (no large gaps)

8 silver stacking rings Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

How do I wear Stacking Rings

Depending on how long your fingers are you can wear as many or as few rings as you like. My Stacking Rings are for regular to long length fingers, If you have short fingers you can choose to wear say 7 or 6 or even 1 or 2 of the Silver Stacking Rings. TIP: order a size bigger if you’re intending to wear all 8 rings together.

To see more information and buy my new 8 Silver Stacking Rings click here.

New: Silver Stacking RingsEach one different, choose your own amount and texture and finish. The more you buy the…

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