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Thanks again for creating something special I’ve wanted for so long.
Kind regards 
Vicky x
Colette Hazlewood Contemporary Jewellery white gold, topaz, peridot and diamond stacking rings

Hi  Colette, 

Been meaning to email you just to say thankyou so much for my ring and bangle…..i love it so much, I’ve had so many comments and have passed your details to a few people Gold hammered wedding rings by Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

Many thanks for the ring Colette which I picked up from your colleague on Saturday – I love it and it’s great to have recycled/upcycled an old piece of jewelry, much appreciated. Take care, all best – Suzanne Lynch.

Colette Hazelwoood Contemporary Jewellery 14mm, ring

Hi Colette, Just to say a big thank you, the ring is absolutely amazing, beyond expectations. Thanks,

Jane and Mark

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Trillion tanzanite and Diamonds Ring 18ct White Gold

Hey Colette. I have just received the bangle today and it’s a perfect fit.  Thank you very much I love it, Thanks again, Christine Callan

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery heavy teardrop bangle
Hi Colette,
Just wanted to email to say that I’ve got the ring and to thank you. I really love it and I think it will amazing with a wedding band underneath. You’ve made it beautifully and I love the opal!
Thanks, Nicole Marks
Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Engagement Ring

Colette really listens to what you want and that is what you get and beyond expectations. I was 'over the moon' with my ring. Would recommend her if you want something that is truly personal and unique. Talented lady.

Jane Bailygold Wrap Ring with Diamonds.

Dear Collette,

I love my new ring!!!! It’s beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for persevering with it when the material might not have been top quality.  It is a striking design and I love the heft of it.My husband Nick is also very impressed.
Thanks again and i’m sure I’ll be calling again.

Best Wishes, Linda Peacock.

Hi Colette, just wanted to say how pleased I am with the commissioned bracelet (picked up this morning) – it was just as I had hoped – better & I’m chuffed! The “C” shape was also perfect suggestion … Am sure it will go down well & be much loved over the years. Thanks again for such a quick turnaround & am very happy for my testimony to be used on your website if you wish. My thanks again, Rosy



I wanted to send you a proper email to say thank you so much for your amazing work. The earrings looked / are fantastic. My friend was delighted with them. And thank you for getting them done in time for her graduation.

Really great work, thank you. Chris Maloney.

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The earrings arrived. They’re beautiful. Can’t wit to wear them.

Thanks, again!

Deb Palmer.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery silver baby teeth earrings

Good Afternoon Colette

I’m just dropping you a quick line to say thank you very much for the bangle you created. My wife was over the moon and has not taken it of since.

Thank you once again and I hope you have a great year!

Regards Andy Buckley

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery silver bangle

Hi Colette, Thankyou I was going to emAil to say yes! Everything is great, they fit and we are happy. So thanks for a great job.  We both ended up proposing by the way on that night and both engagement rings from you! Kind Regards,


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Ashes Rings

Hi Colette

Sorry for the delay in emailing but I have received my ring and absolutely love it – it is gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Thanks again,


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery gold, ruby & ring
What about rubber? Could you find rubber with a hook at each end? So the closure is the barbwire? I’ll measure something that fits round my neck if you can… 
oh Collette that is lovely!

Justian Hansen Harle.



Colette Hazelwood has cool jewellery



jerry hall

Hi Colette

Just to let you know that the ring has just been delivered – you have done a truly fantastic job, it looks brilliant and I am so pleased to be wearing it !!

Many, many thanks, Steve Wallace.


Hi Colette
Many thanks for the advice by return some great ideas which i will act upon . Its me that should be flattered you have achieved so much you are a credit to your craft and a real inspiration The commercial jewellery trade is poles apart from the contemporary one but its where people go to to buy jewellery as the shops dominate the high street and most people don’t realise they have an alternative but thanks to people like yourself i think the tide is turning.



Hello Colette,

After browsing through your web site I felt compelled to respond to the Gobstopper comment. I usually respect most opinions but the comment that was sent to you in response was acidic for me to read. I would like to believe there are more people out there who feel as you and I do about the Bush regime and what is stands for. It still shocks me to the core that he even has 1 supporter. I thought your piece was brilliant! Gobstopper’s are my favorite sweet and anything to be put in Bushes mouth should be arsenic as far as I am concerned. I am relatively new to the UK having lived here for about 18 months. I am native to California and find the political situation at home very irritating. Worse still, seeing comments like this one exasperate me. I find it scary that some people might think that all Americans are brain dead hillbillies and have no idea about our foreign politics and bloody hands, but you know, hillbillies do exist even in the UK. As a jeweller I find your artwork politically exciting. I hope you do get lots positive feedback because I think being bold in life is the only way to live.” RACHAEL COLEMAN, USA

Hi Colette, got the necklace today, it looks great, a little too big so i tweaked it myself but it’s fine, my fault i told you the wrong size anyway really! – thanks for everything, i’d recommend you to anyone! I may be in touch soon anyway, about a matching, but slightly thicker-set or doubled bracelet…


joe presto


How fantastic, really wonderful stuff.



anna ryder richardson


Hi Colette, Received my bracelets yesterday, just thought i’d drop a line to let you know they’re fantastic (specially the small one, a true work of art). I dare say i’ll be ordering from you again.!


baby barb wire 2

Dear Colette
It was with amusement that I read the rednecks response to your mouthpiece. What can I fact, we need say nothing, the illiterate, backward, abusive, offensive, jerk off said it all. Not an ounce of common decency, intelligence or discretion. To be honest I think it was a ploy to get a free mouthpiece for himself…can’t remember, did he sign it with an X, or do you think he can spell his name…one can only wonder..Personally, I think your work is innovative and amusing, with a charming, if somewhat edgy feel to it. So I shall finish writing and carry on viewing…”


Thinking of commissioning or ordering Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery, read my FAQ for more help.

I found your web site through a hearing aid search and was browsing through your gallery when I came upon the gobstopper mouthpiece and as well, the letter from the texan. I personally thought the gobstopper was hilarious.

I really hope that you don’t think all of us Americans are like that.. more than half the country would agree with you- that Bush needs to shut it. Then you get the overly passionate republicans like that guy, who cannot even spell simple words correctly but think they know exactly what they speak of. I feel that it’s sad I can see this… being 17 and the writer of that letter is more likely older.

I also must say, I love the pieces in your gallery. The hearing aid piece is really awesome and I believe that’s true. The hearing aid should be celebrated, not hidden. Overall, I love the pieces in your gallery… other that the gobstopper and hearing aid, I particularly like the piercing bracelet. What it represents is something all people should know the horror of. Putting such a thing that resembles an animal trap on a human, it can open eyes.

Well, I am sorry that I’ve kept you so long. =)

Elisabeth B. Ohio, USA

P.S. The UK rocks… look at J.K. Rowling, Shakespeare and The Beatles. =)

hearing aid jewellery

Dear Colette

thank you the necklace arrived yesterday and is perfect. Thank you very much, I am delighted with the necklace and I am sure my husband will be at Christmas.

best wishes
Jane Lowe UK


Hi, sorry i took so long to reply, I got the necklace and LOVE it!! thanks so much, it looked lovely with my dress too. thank you again and again,”





Thanks again – the wedding ring is more beautiful than I ever imagined.






I have received the parcel earlier on today – sorry I couldn’t let you know. I will recommend your product strongly as they are of good quality and look strikingly good.

Many thanks, keep up the good work and let me know of further collections. Best regards





I received it yesterday, it looks fantastic. You have really earned me some brownie points with the boyfriend with this.

Many thanks




Hi there,

I just picked it up and it is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much, you do great work and MY Katherine will love it.

I’ll be placing another order soon, more than likely a bracelet for me.

Thanks again,

Mark. USA


Hi, i was browsing on google for images of george bush and i came across the picture on your site (The gobstopper mouthpiece) i must say i found it hilarious, very clever. Then i read the post that an American user had added on the “Don’t read if easily offended” link. This had me literally crying
with laughter.

“.i didn’t even know there was a so-called country named uk or england till last week…that’s how much
your thouth of & how much people know about your shifty crapy ass country”

That was definitely the show stopper for me, it just shows that whoever wrote that has the mental age of a 5 year old and is most likely a MAC user….!”



george bush gobstopper mouth piece


Our secret wedding was great. Now it’s out in the open, everyone’s really pleased. I’ve had millions of compliments on my beautiful ring. Thanks again, love Shelley




I just got back into town and the necklace is here.  It looks beautiful – I know my sister is going to love it.  Thank you!

Jeanne UK


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Hello there,

Sorry I should have let you know shouldn’t I.. Yes I did receive it and its absolutely fantastic and marvellous….I checked out all your other stuff which is also stunning so will definitely be in touch so on..

Thank you very much for your friendly business approach, it makes a difference.

Regards and best wishes




Hi Colette,

Just to let you know that i recieved the bracelet in the post, thankyou so much, its a very nice piece of jewellry and ill treasure it for along time

Thanks again

Jono, Australiamedium oxidised silver barb wire bracelet

Hello Colette,Just a quick note to thank you for assistance this week. The goods arrived yesterday. It really is quite a piece of art. Stunning.

Thanks again, Tim.


medium barb wire necklace


Hi Colette,

Oh my God! The necklace got here this morning and its beautiful. It arrived just in time as its a first anniversary gift to my partner. I really wasn’t expecting it to be here so soon as I only ordered it 2 days ago. Hopefully it fits and she likes it. If not, I’m afraid I may be forced to keep it for myself. It really is stunning and unique.

Thanks very much!


Rowena van Niekerk, UK

medium barb wire necklace

Please don’t be offended by that fowl-mouthed illiterate moron who had absolutely nothing to say on your website. He is not an example of how people in America are. However, he is the finest example of
the people who voted for George, which were the minority. Only fools would think that he won both elections in a row. The intelligent ones know how it really happened. I’m originally from Canada so hold
dual citizenship. With George as President, it’s difficult to be proud to be American so I remain Canadian first….

please remember that idiot from Texas just constitutes a small minority of the stupidity in this country (the minority who think they won both elections). My heart goes out to whoever wins the next election as they’ve got 8 years of Georgie’s huge mess to clean up. I don’t think it will be possible. BTW, I’ve always liked Tony Blair and felt very sorry for him that he had to work with Georgie. In my opinion, that’s was brought him down…

P.S. The illiteracy and poor grammar from the boy from Texas makes me suspicious that he’s possibly a relative of the Bush clan. More than likely, he too reads his literature upside-down, eh? Better wrap up or they might put me under surveillance. 

Peace to you.

Maureen C, Canada/ America

Colette Hazelwood george bush gobstopper mouth piece

Dear Colette,

Just read email sent by redneck moron and found it very funny but also quite disturbing!Really, it is hard to believe that such a frightingly stupid creature exists!

However my suspicions have been raised since I happen to have seen a programme on “Bushisms” last night and although I have since picked my jaw off the floor the language used seems achingly familiar!

I wonder do you think it was in fact written by the greatest idiot in history himself, the spelling is a strong clue? It does smack of the ultimate moron himself, the man who has single handedly done more damage to international relations and world economies than any human in the history of mankind?

In fairness I do love America and its right minded citizens but only when the democrats are in power!

Do feel free to post this email or indeed forward this message on to the redneck himself! I’ll stop now as the man makes me so angry and so nauseous that I am at a loss to describe the truly detrimental effects his tenure will have on the future of the world in general!

One final thought, maybe you would consider a once off piece for him? On this occasion I would suggest an inverted half sized barb wire necklace, if I may be so bold?

Hope this finds you peaceful and not in despair! Yours sincerely, in hope and in peace .


Colette Hazelwood - silver gobstopper mouth piece



Since buying one of Colette’s silver barbed wire choker necklaces several years ago- I’ve been lucky enough to commission four pieces from her- a ring and two pendants featuring Detroit Agate that are remarkable, and most recently a huge chunky, thick ring for my middle finger that is frankly massive! It’s another piece I’m very proud of and love dearly! Colette is approachable, friendly, professional and a total delight to brainstorm with- if you want something beautiful, visit her studio- if you want something unique… Talk about a commission- seriously great value, and a wonderful experience! She is amazing! Thank you for everything! x

Justian Hansen Herle

chunky silver reticulated ring

Hi Colette,

Just recieved the necklace from my parents yesterday and was just writing to say I love it. What you’ve done with brushing and highlighting some parts of the necklace looks amazing, thnak you so much.

If you want a disclaimer or anything for your website Ill gladly oblige.


Alex Ley

barb wire necklace



Fantastic service made me a beautiful ring that I absolutely love! Couldn't be happier!

Martin Mathews

oxidised heavry reticulated silver ring by Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery


Hi Colette,

Just a quick mail to thank you again for creating our beautiful wedding rings. We keep getting them out of the box to look at them and can’t wait for the day we get to put them on for good ( well except when I’m working…. damn those infection control rules!!!) The process of commissioning them from you and the design process was fun and involving and we got exactly what we’ve always wanted, rings that are very us! Thanks also for brightening Darren’s days at a very dark time, seeing the rings exactly how(if not better than) we imagined them, really distracted him from his grief and gave him something positive to think about.

Hope all is well with you and yours, especially the bump, has it arrived yet?

Thanks again, Darrel


Hi Colette
Have been meaning to email you all week to say how pleased I was with the fastener you attached to the pendant for me. It is exactly what I wanted and I know my friend will really like it when she gets it on her birthday. Sorry you weren’t at work when I picked it up last Saturday as I would’ve
liked to have thanked you personally. I had a quick look at some of the jewellery you make and thought you had some lovely pieces on display, so I could well be back soon choosing myself a christmas present!

Thanks again
Barbara Oxton, UK




Just received my wedding ring from Colette and it’s completely beautiful. Highly recommended!



The ring is really beautiful, it’s now in Switzerland on Sandra’s finger and she loves it as well, it looks and feels very special and unique !

Thanks so much

Steve, UK




Many thanks colette :0)! They are great – Christan likes them a lot as well! TOP!
Many greetings and thanks for the easy way of ordering….

Matze, Germany


And a very nice ring it is indeed! Many thanks again for such beautiful crafts(wo)manship. The ring is a thing of true beauty.

Vanessa Mae, UK

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Platinum with Diamonds Engagement Ring
Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Platinum with Diamonds Engagement RingColette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery platinum and diamond ring

Hi!  Got my bracelet — love it!   It is beautiful and the same size as my other bangles and they all look beautiful together.  Thanks again.  You did a wonderful job!!!!


message bangle silver

Kym  USA




Hi Colette
The ring came today and I am overjoyed with it! It is beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to my sister on her birthday!

Thank you for your excellent service and craftmanship.



Thanks Collette,

The bracelet is for a friend of mine who is 40 this year – I have previously bought one of these for another friend – everyone always admires it when she wears it…….just thought you might want some feedback!


See more about the Wraparound range here

Heavy wraparound oxidised bangle


Thankyou for sorting the ring.  Really pleased with it. I’ll be back in touch for my next purchase in due course!! Thanks again

Ps it looks good on the web site!

David Cowan


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Received in good time lovely necklace, its a gift for my wife who has visited your web site and commented on your blog. She will be over the moon.

Many thanks regards Nick Smith.

See more about the Wraparound range here

heavy wraparound oxidised necklace



Our secret wedding was great. Now it’s out in the open, everyone’s really pleased. I’ve had millions of compliments on my beautiful ring. Thanks again, love Shelley



Hello Colette,

I have received the cuff links today, thank you so much, they are wonderful, I am sorely tempted to keep them myself,  and will really struggle to keep them a secret till Christmas!!

I really appreciate the speed at which they have arrived, and the care that has gone into them.

many thanks again


Colette Hazelwood Contemporary jewellery silver and obsidian cuff links

Hi Colette,

Picked up the ring fine. It’s perfect…a beautiful realization…thank you.

All the best,
Len, UK

silver and red gold spinning ring with diamonds



The bangle arrived yesterday. I think it’s really great and hopefully my Fiancée will think so too. Thank for all your help and especially the prompt delivery.
Kind regards

Flat matt message bangle

Hi Colette

Just to let you know, the earrings arrived safely and to say how very pleased I am with them, they are beautiful. I’m sure the girls will ware them with pride. They will be a precious keep sake.

Thank you for your help in making their birthdays extra special.


baby teeth and silver earrings


  1. Natasha on December 16, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    I have order a few things from Colette, all which are beautiful and I love. Recently my partner and I ordered the stacking rings, they are a lovely way to each show our own personalities while having something that’s linked together. Colette’s jewellery is really special as it’s quite different from the same, same jewellery from other places. I also want to mention her amazing customer service, she is so responsive, helpful and patient.

  2. Sue & Alan Williams on November 5, 2020 at 10:19 am

    We absolutely love the message bangle you’ve made for our granddaughter’s 21st birthday, it’s absolutely beautiful & vey special. Thanks for your help during this difficult time, your service was very prompt and professional. Thanks again.

    • Colette Hazelwood on November 5, 2020 at 10:46 am

      Thank you so much Sue

      To see what Sue is so Happy with see my Message Bangle here

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