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This is my contemporary jewellery Colette Hazelwood exhibitions, gallery & news page, you’ll see selected pieces of jewellery hand made since my graduation from Manchester Metropolitan University in June 1999 to the present day. It includes press features, exhibition pieces, events, fashion photo shoots, collections and catwalk pieces. The most recent news is first.

Many of these unique items of contemporary jewellery have been exhibited around the world including New York, Brussels, Singapore, Auckland, San Francisco and Sydney. Most of the jewellery on this page isn’t for sale but if you see something you like or have any questions about any of my work then please email me.

To see some of my private commissions and bespoke jewellery click here

Fashion Shoot with photographer Andy Whittaker

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

BBC Radio 4 interview. Listen from 25m 25s.

bbc radio 4 interview

Colette hazelwood Jewellery

Once again, Manchester Craft and Design Centre is the winner.
And the winner is…WINNERS of this year’s Manchester Tourism Awards.

If you’re thinking about coming to Manchester and want to visit the Northern Quarter (where my shop & studio 4 is located) then read this great articles first.

Handmade in England

Watch out for brilliant new photographer Luke Harris. He used my work in his latest photo shoot. The pieces he chose were Mouthpiece, Piercing Bracelet & Spiky Necklace.

Colette Hazelwood Gallery Exhibitions News

Colette Hazelwood jewellery in The Guardian

I was featured in the Guardian Shopping Directory both the newspaper and their web site! As one of the best places to shop in the North West.

I am thrilled to be listed among such names and recommendations as: Cottrills, Counter Culture, Stephen Webster, Diana Porter, Pruden & Smith, Hancocks, Solange Azagury Partridge, Wright & Teague, Jane Moore & The Steensons.


Make Me Buy Me Shop: The Triangle Shopping Centre, Exchange Square, Manchester. M4 3TR

Step into a world of contemporary, bespoke design, presented to you by Design Initiative. Brought together to tempt you to buy for others or for yourself, all the products for sale at Make Me Buy Me have been specially selected for their quality, affordability and creativity. Get to see and touch the items and even meet the designers and make Christmas shopping a whole lot more fun.

Make Me Gorgeous: 2nd Floor Brasserie, Harvey Nichols, Exchange Square, Manchester M1 1AD

Be inspired to purchase from a perfect selection of up to the minute and timeless jewellery and accessories to complement this party season. Browse over your coffee or Sauvignon Blanc whilst imagining just how good you or a loved one would look in your own design original.

Further work by the designers featured in Make Me Gorgeous can also be found just across the road in the dedicated Make Me Buy Me Shop, top floor in The Triangle Shopping Centre, Manchester.

Make Me Buy Me: Vibe Contemporary Jewellery, 98 Fishergate Walk, St George’s Shopping Centre, Preston PR1 2NR

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

And the winner is…WINNERS of this year’s Manchester Tourism Awards celebrated in style after a glittering awards ceremony hosted by Bolton-born TV presenter and Radio One DJ Sara Cox last night.

The awards, organised by Marketing Manchester, which promotes the city on a national and international scale, were presented at The Hilton, Deansgate, before more than 400 guests.

Manchester Evening News readers voted for the coveted Manchester Recommends Award – your pick of the city’s best tourist destination – which was won by Manchester Craft and Design Centre!
Thank you to everyone who voted for us.For more information on my shop & studio in Manchester Craft & Design Centre go to my CONTACT page

Colette Hazelwood Exhibitions Gallery News


I undertook a Research Mission to Melbourne & Sydney, Australia, with Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. From all the businesses accepted for the mission, I was the only creative business mixing with engineers and aerospace manufacturers.

I exhibited my jewellery at the UK Gift Fair 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand, thank you to all who placed orders, any other interested trade buyers should email me for more details.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

Architectonics – Foundations in Jewellery was the latest conceptual exhibition from the Manchester Jewellers Network, shown at Urbis (now finished) & Renew Rooms RIBA NW Gallery, Liverpool. And then at Velvet De Vinci in San Francisco

I would like to thank ‘George’ for his invaluable help on this project.

The Manchester Guardian – Underground Tunnels

The Manchester Guardians original purpose was to resist a Hiroshima sized 20 kiloton atom bomb, and preserve essential communications links even if the centre of Manchester had been flattened.
It is (now) an underground telephone exchange in the centre of Manchester.

The main tunnel.

Is 300m by 7m, lays 34 metres below buildings in Back George Street, linking up to an unmarked surface building containing the entrance lifts and ventilator shafts. A mile-long tunnel runs west to Salford, and a thousand-yard (700m) tunnel runs to Lockton Close in Ardwick, where a ventilator building marks the south-eastern extension of the Manchester tunnels.

In the event of an attack, Guardian’s main entry shaft was to have been sealed by a 35 ton concrete slab that could be positioned over the entrance. People could escape either by using a built-in hydraulic jacks to lift the slab some weeks after attack, or via the deep level tunnels to Ardwick and Salford. Emergency stores contained six weeks’ supply of food rations, and Guardian had its own artesian well, generators, fuel tanks, and artificial windows and scenery painted onto walls. The exchange was to survive even if the city it served was destroyed. The tunnels still exist today, but are sadly forbidden to the public.

Colette Hazelwood jewellery

The Jewellery

The brooch pin with detachable ear piece is made from (oxidised) silver, steel, nylon and concrete. The form is taken from the (rare) maps of the tunnels. A detachable silver ear piece is representative of the communication cables that now run through the tunnel and its blackened body, the use of steel & concrete are symbolic of the tunnels structure. There is also a cut out ‘window’ in the piece, but this is also filled with concrete, just as the fake windows are within the tunnel itself.
The jewellery piece along with the accompanying sounds will be a reminder of the futility of war and the fragility of life.

Collaboration with contemporary fashion photographer Lucy Bunhill, incorporating my Spiky Necklaces, both as a neck and head piece.

Colette Hazelwood Exhibitions Gallery News

The Royal Television Society Awards

I won a Royal Television Society Awards commission for The BBC’s Royal Television Society Awards. It celebrates its 10th anniversary this November. To thank it’s guest presenters Deborah Stephenson and Anthony Cotton from Coronation Street they’ve commissioned me, a Manchester based contemporary jewellery designer to produce 2 new pieces of jewellery as a thank you gift for the pair from the RTSA.

My Glass Bangles, Long Spiky Necklace, Poppy Necklace & Steel Cable necklaces were all featured in the Manchester Fashion Network promotional brochure for the Independents Showroom, August.

Collaboration with Tim Scott

I have recently been the jewellery designer selected to supply the jewellery for internationally renowned guitarist Tim Scott’s new album cover. The Multi Fuse Necklace and my Coil Wrap Ring were chosen for these shots…Tim can be seen performing with Judge Jules at Ibiza last summer.

Colette Hazelwood Tim Scott

Manchester-based session guitarist Tim Scott was flown out to Ibiza for the second year running to perform alongside Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules at his club night Judgment Sunday, during the Radio 1 events. The combination of superstar DJ and virtuoso live guitar proved once again that separate musical worlds can be united – and that the results can be incredible.

Tim wears Colette Hazelwood’s Silver Padlock Necklace

AIM Magazine
Featured in AIM, a magazine focusing on Northwest Entrepreneurs

Colette Hazelwood Aim Magazine

Milan Fashion Week with Franco Francesca

Collaborated with Italian fashion designer Franco Francesca on his London & Milan fashion show at Profile & Milan Fashion Week. Pieces shown were Large Barb Wire Necklace and Mouthpieces.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery large heavy barb wire necklace

The Large Barb Wire Necklace is now part of the Grundy Art Gallery’s public collection along with my Steel Cable Necklace and Multi Fuse Necklace


I collaborated with internationally acclaimed fashion photographer James Lightbown on his Senseless project. My now infamous Hearing Aid Jewellery was used for the shoot.

hearing aid jewellery Colette Hazelwood

To explore the concept of sense deprivation and the visual metaphors that illustrate the loss of something we take so much for granted.

Model: Alexia Rochford Boss

Thou Shall Not Kill Necklace,

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

My latest exhibition piece of work is titled ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ made from silver plated ’38 special’ bullets, red nylon and an oil can. It was exhibited at The 12 Days of Christmas. It is documented that the 12 Days of Christmas is religious song and that 10 Lords A Leaping represents the 10 commandments.

It’s ironic that our exhibition is opening the day after the US presidential elections and that by now we’ll know who the next leader of the United States is, we will also know how many more innocent people are dying, for greed and oil in Iraq.

Bedroom Britain, Channel 4

A new initiative presented by Channel 4 to encourage 14-19 year olds to start their own businesses.

I was invited as a guest speaker to talk about my experiences, starting up and my achievements to date.

Manchester Evening News

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

I was interviewed by the Manchester Evening News about my work, influences, background and achievements.

Colette Hazelwood Manchester Evening news

Colette Hazelwood WIDESHUT magazine

Large Barb Wire Necklace

I was featured in the 1st edition of new contemporary photography magazine ‘WIDESHUT’

Colette Hazelwood


Northwest Fashion Designers joins forces with the Northwest Textile Network.

Colette Hazelwood

Jerry Hall made a rare but extremely welcome appearance in Manchester last week to host the presentation of the northwest’s new fashion web portal. She skillfully navigated a captivated audience through the different areas of the portal and this is what she said about it

J.H: Not at all, now I’ve seen everything that’s going on here it’s really exciting. I suppose in many ways what you get in the media is the London’s, the Paris’s, the New York’s – but that doesn’t tell you what’s really going on. It’s good that designers from up here are getting a presence.

Interviewer: Do you think the north west has a lot going for it in fashion terms?

J.H: The north west definitely has a lot going for it fashion-wise. In my introduction tonight I show the audience how they can have a conversation in private on the web site and I use Jason Ansell for that who I think is such an amazing designer. I’ve seen so many fantastic designers, such as Esme Ertekin who does these fabulous shoes, Colette Hazelwood’s cool jewellery and one of my favourite is Zimeon Jones, who I really need to get in touch with because I want one of his scarves.

Colette Hazelwood Exhibitions Gallery News

Transatlantic Express & Singapore Fashion Week

Colette Hazelwood NW TEXNET

Expressions was a one day event in London organised by the NWDA (Northwest Development Agency) and CIDS (Cultural Industries Development Service), to highlight the best of the northwest fashion design.

Big Brother 4 was at it’s height at the time of Expressions and so were their evictees. The infamous Anoushka is pictured here wearing one of my latest Wraparound Necklaces.

The Expressions event then moved on to Singapore Fashion Week and to New York where I once again showing my work to international buyers, galleries and individual collectors.

I successfully impressed buyers with my ranges and returned to England with new customers.

Squash – The Gobstopper Mouthpiece

Having a big mouth can sometimes get you into trouble, I should know.

The only similarity George W. Bush and I have in common is the inability to keep our traps shut.

I have no political inclinations nor do I wish to present a particular social comment, however I do know that George’s views can take us to a very scary place, a place I don’t want to go – a world at war.

The Gobstopper Mouthpiece was designed to be placed the wearers mouth to shut him/ her up.

The Commission Me exhibition was my first role as a curator. We set out to show 10 of the best contemporary jewellery makers in the northwest of England.

The brief was: Design a piece of jewellery for someone in particular, friend or foe, famous or not, dead or alive.

The 10 selected designers were: Adele Kime, Michael McIntyre, Gilly Langton, Jo Lavelle, Ben Woodcock, Stephanie Summerhill, Jasmine Fish, Anthony Wong, Heather Skowood, and myself.

The show was a great success with major publicity and lots of sales for the designers.

It was designed for the Commission Me touring exhibition, which was at Urbis – Manchester, The Bluecoat – Liverpool and The Grundy Art Gallery – Blackpool. We were supported by ACJ (Association For Contemporary Jewellery) and Northwest Arts Board.

The piece has since been purchased by a private collector.

Since the success of the Gobstopper Mouthpiece, a Texan chap thought he would email me his opinion!


“U being in the uk have no reason to have our president on your website…you worry about your own fucked up Tony blair…Weak ass stuiped uk crap…& that’s sume fucked up ugly ass what every ya’ll call it to even put on a dog…poor little poohie…i tell ya what,give your land to australia sence ya’ll dont account for shit anyway’s…bitch…i didint even know there was a so-called country named uk or england till last week…that’s how much your thouth of & how much people know about your shity crapy ass country…& yeah you do have a big mouth…but the only differance between you & bad ass mr bush is that he has the most POWERFULL Millitery Im the World To back what he say’s up…slut…so get your sorry ass self right b4 mr bush make’s
a visit to you shity ass country & have you whiped in about 2 min’s!…I could piss across our country…or shall i piss on it?…that’s all it’s worth.

There’s your fucking contact Us Crap!!!”


Hearing Aid Jewellery, silver and nylon.

Colette Hazelwood  hearing aid jewellery

I was commissioned by Leicester City Gallery to design and make a piece of contemporary jewellery for a person with a disability for the Adorn Equip Exhibition. My client, Ali Briggs was the inspiration for this provocative piece that clips comfortably onto her own hearing aid. Ali is an renowned actress and her most recent role was in Britain’s Coronation St.

Let’s celebrate the hearing aid instead of disguising it.

This piece has since been purchased as part of the MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) permanent collection

The Metro, feature on Commission Me Exhibition

Tameside Advertiser, feature on Commission Me Exhibition

Publicity shot for ‘The Window’, Make Me 3 Exhibition

Manchester Evening News, feature on Make Me 3 Exhibition

Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur Awards

Colette Hazelwood Shell Livewire

Winner of the Manchester heats of the

Finalist in the North West Heats, £1000 Award

Shell LiveWIRE has over 21 years experience encouraging young people to start and develop their own business.

Colette Hazelwood Shell Livewire

Colette Hazelwood Flux Magazine
Colette Hazelwood Manchester fashion Network

Flux magazine, Millennium issue, Skin Two Magazine,

Manchester Fashion Network. Manchester Evening News


Drag Queen Necklace, plastic and aluminum, 1999

Colette Hazelwood

No it’s not a doggie necklace…it’s Drag Queen Necklace made to satisfy my fascination with the afore mentioned gender.

Just like a drag queen it’s very over the top, it measures 3 metres in length, it’s pink and blue to symbolize the contrast between boy and girl. It also has two pendants which sit over the wearers genitals which are designed around the male and female genitalia, it’s sparkly and brash and it’s also very noisy – need I say more.


I.V.Drip’s 1,2 & 3, plastic & nylon, 1999

The inspiration for theses pieces was performance artist Franco B. An Italian who, among other things, pierces his skin whilst on stage and lets his blood run free.

I thought he needed a little contemporary jewellery to help him survive his performances. He only performed this piece twice a year…understandably.

Aluminum Necklace & Spinal Necklace, aluminum and steel, 1999

The Ali Necklace and Spinal Necklace pieces were part of my degree show of which I obtained a 1st class B.A (Hons) in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I always have and still am very interested in recycling waste. This piece was re-used and re-made from an old aluminum window frame. It’s still on show today at various exhibitions.

Piercing Bracelet, silver, 1999.

Colette Hazelwood Piercing Bracelet

A severe and scary arm piece, designed to represent the fearsome and barbaric traps set to kill animals.

Green Hair Bracelet, aluminum and false hair, 1999

Colette Hazelwood Green Hair Bracelet

A recycled piece of jewellery made from aluminum drain pipe and false green hair.

Mouthpieces, silver 1999

Fashion designer Paul Clarke commissioned these set of 5 mouthpieces for his 1999 London fashion show. The pieces depict (like his collection) a pushing and manipulation of the face.