Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery – FAQ

I want to order something from your Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery shop, how long will it take to arrive?

Most jewellery stock items from my web site SHOP will take 4-10 days to arrive.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are given if in the unlikely event you’re not happy with your new piece of contemporary jewellery. Just let me know by email within 7 days of receiving your parcel and return it in it’s original condition along with the original box to Colette Hazelwood, Studio 4, Manchester Craft & Design Centre, 17 Oak St. Manchester M4 5JD. UK. I will send the refund within 7 days of receiving the unwanted parcel.

Message Bangles and special commissions WILL NOT be entitled to a refund. If in the unlikely event you are not happy with your jewellery order, please email me and I will try my best to resolve the issue.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Message Bangle

Do you deliver outside of UK?

Yes, all EU orders are an additional £5 and international orders are an additional £10. You will be invoiced via Paypal for this shipping cost prior to your Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery being sent.

How much is delivery?

Delivery in the UK is free, EU shipping is £5 and international shipping cost is £10. Additional shipping costs will be invoiced to you via Paypal prior to the item being sent.

For UK deliveries, items less than £100 will be sent 1st class Royal Mail post and orders over £100 will be sent by Special Delivery.

I don’t have a Paypal account, how else can I pay?

You don’t need a Paypal account to securely buy my work off this web site. The Paypal button will take you to Paypal and you can securely pay with any credit or debit card – no account needed.

You can also pay via BACS payment, please send any payment to Santander account no. 40196993, sort code 090666 and use your name as a reference.

Another way to pay is over the phone with a credit or debit card. Simply phone me on 07712909793 and I can take the order, delivery address and payment over the phone.

When is your actual Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery shop open?

My studio and shop at Studio 4, Manchester Craft and Design Centre, 17 Oak St. Manchester M4 5JD, UK is open 6 days a week from 10am – 5.30pm – we’re closed on Sundays. In December only we are also open on Sundays from 11am -5pm. We are closed on all Bank Holdays.

We also close from Dec 24th at 3pm and usually re-open the 1st Monday in January.

However, I can be contacted by email anytime.

STUDIO 4 colette hazelwood contemporary jewellery

Can you make a new piece of jewellery from my granny’s old wedding ring?

Yes, I can reuse most old and unwanted rings, necklaces & earrings – anything really, as long as it’s silver, gold or platinum.

There’s plenty of examples of my work where I’ve done this for other customers – on my COMMISSIONS page

Gold and ruby and diamonds ring remake Colette azelwood Contemprary Jewellery

I have my old wedding and engagement ring, can you make a new ring and use my old diamond?

Yes, I can re use most old or unloved stones, especially diamonds. It’s a great way of recycling, and saving money. It’s also useful to re use your stones for sentimental value. I can re set most unloved stones but be aware that it comes at a risk of them breaking or cracking on removal, this rarely happens but it is worth noting anyway.

There’s plenty of examples of my work where I’ve done this for other customers – on my COMMISSIONS page

Gold and ruby  Engagement Ring Remake Colette  Hazelwood Contemprary Jewellery

I’ve orderd a ring and it’s too big, what can I do?

If the ring was purchased from my Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery SHOP it can be returned and exchanged for another size. If the ring was a special COMMISSION please email me and I will try my best to change it, but this isn’t guaranteed. It is your responsibility to know the correct ring size when commissioning a bespoke ring, especially where the ring is meant to be a surprise, for example an engagement ring.

I want to order a ring from you but I don’t know my size, how can I find this out?

Go into any high street jewellers and get your finger measured for free. Alternatively, I can send you a free returnable ring sizer.
If you are stacking three or more rings together, or choosing a wide band ring, I usually recommend adding a half size to the ring size you order. 

8 silver stacking rings Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery

What’s my birthstone?

Here is a list of birthstone by month. 
January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine or Sky Blue Topaz
April – White Topaz or Cz (in place of diamonds)
May – Emerald
June – Moonstone or Pearl
July – Ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Opal or Tourmaline
November – Citrine
December – Turquoise, London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Tanzanite

Do you make wedding and engagement rings?

Yes, in fact it’s a speciality of mine. I can make unique and unusual wedding, engagement and commitment rings. There’s lots of examples of my previous work on my commissions page.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery Silver Lego Rings

What type of metals do you use?

I use a wide range of metals, including platinum, pure silver, sterling silver and gold (22ct, 18ct & 9ct – yellow, white & red/rose).

Do you do repairs?

Yes, depending on the item, please email me a picture and details of the repair needed.

How eco-friendly is your jewellery?

I’m trying my best to be eco-friendly in everything I do, but I am aware I have more work to do!
I aim to use 100% recycled sterling silver, and gold in all of my designs. My packaging is made from card and paper.  
However, I have not  always found it possible to source certain styles of wire or chain that some of my designs require in the eco-friendly option. If you have a query about a particular item, please get in touch. 
I use ethically sourced gemstones, and also offer lab-made gems as an alternative to mining. 

Of course the best way to be enviromentally friendly with your new jewellery is have someting made from an existing unwanted piece, or get all your scrap together and let me melt it down.

Colette Hazewood Contemporary Jewellery Silver Heart bangles

Does any of your jewellery contain nickel?

No. All of the gold and silver and platinum alloys are nickel free.

Do you engrave items?

Yes, most items can be engraved. There will be an additional cost for this, generally ranging from £10 – £40. An estimate will be agreed along with your order.

Silver engrqved interlocking rings  Colette Hazelwood

How do I keep my jewellery clean?

Generally the following applies:

To protect it and contribute to it’s longevity, we suggest that you store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other.

Do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents; undiluted or strong solutions or other chemical products and take care when spraying perfume and hairspray.

The silver colour finish on our sterling silver jewellery is likely to tarnish eventually with time and wearing, this is not a manufacturing defect but a property of silver metal. To restore the original brilliance of the surface, we recommend you first use a silver polishing cloth.

To preserve the shine of gold jewellery, use a gold polishing cloth.


Jewellery with set stones can be loosened through wear and impact. Check the security of any stone set jewellery by shaking the item close to your ear. If there is a slight rattle the stone(s) are no longer secure in their setting and should be checked before any potential loss. Please contact us if you require a setting to be examined.

Grease and grime within stone settings can be removed using an ultrasonic cleaner or warm water mixed with mild detergent solution; it is wise to put the items into a basket (or sieve) for easy location and removal. Avoid doing this with pearls of other porous stones.

Neighbouring pieces of jewellery of differing metal, eg. silver ring next to gold ring, will wear at different rates, so it is advised to keep pieces of the same metal together to avoid excessive wear on the softer items.

Oxidised silver pieces contain a ‘formed’ oxide to create the black appearance. Polishing this finish will remove the oxidation and return the piece to bright silver finish, but please be careful when cleaning oxidised silver pieces using a silver polishing cloth, and to remove any wear grease and grime use a detergent and a soft silver polishing cloth.

What is the black colouring on a lot of the jewellery?

There are two different types usually seen on silver jewellery: one is deliberately caused and is referred to as oxidation, created using a chemical that is applied to the surface. The resulting black colour is the end of a process called patination. The other is a naturally occurring and the tarnish is likely to occur with time and wearing, this is not a manufacturing defect but a property of silver metal and can be removed using the cleaning methods detailed above.

How is my gift packaged?

Even the smallest of presents from Colette Hazelwood Contemporay Jewellery are beautifully presented in a gift box. Your gift is then sealed in a padded envelope. Royal Mail Special Delivery items may also be packaged in Royal Mail tamper proof silver bags.

Is there VAT charged online?

All prices online include VAT in the UK, international tax charges may be applied at source.

I’m having trouble ordering online, please help.

If you encounter ANY problem whilst trying or order online at Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery, please email me in the first instance- initially so I can help you and secondly so I can fix and amend my site.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery – FAQ