Hand made bespoke necklace commissions.

Welcome to my hand made bespoke contemporary necklace page, here you’ll find special bespoke necklace commissions that were all hand made by me and requested by you. Some pieces are remakes of jewellery that were old and unworn, remodelling your jewellery is something I specialise in.

The selected hand made bespoke contemporary necklace on this page were all made since December 2005. I can to work to your ideas, no matter how strange, if you have something in mind, please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

The bespoke necklace commissions on this page are updated regularly so come back often to see what’s new. They’re all one off pieces, they may be available should you wish for something similar to be made to your specifications. Please email me if you would like to order or discuss any of the necklaces on this page, or phone on 07712 90 97 93. Read my FAQ page for more info.

Very rarely, a customers idea and then my realisation of that idea are a little different. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before ordering a commission.


Hand made bespoke necklace commissions.

Fingerprint Necklace

This silver double disc Fingerprint Necklace has the fingerprints of my customers 2 children and with each of their names inscribed on the back.

Price guide £140

18ct Yellow bespoke Gold Pendant with Diamonds.

The X pendant was made by reworking an old unloved ring with was set with 2 lovely diamonds, I chopped and filed the metal into shape and reset the stones.

Price guide £220

Tattoo Silver Pendant

4 lifelong friends decided to all get a tattoo incorporating symbols from each of them, they designed the tattoo themselves but – one of the friends chickened out! So, the other three commissioned this silver necklace for her instead.

Price guide £120

Hand made White and Yellow Gold Pendant with Sapphire, Tanzanite and Pearls.

The Art Deco inspired pendant was commissioned when my customer had previously bought the sapphire and tanzanite ready for a special gift someday. He brought them to me along with bits of old unloved gold and pearl, collaboratively we designed this pendant.

Price guide £630

Contemporary Gold Nugget Pendant

This gold nugget pebble pendant has a cracked appearance and personal message stamped on the back – ‘LIFE YOU LOVE’

Price guide £250

Bespoke David Bowie Pendant

This simple disc pendant was a commemorative piece for a big David Bowie fan.

The iconic lightning bolt lies across the front with the word STARDUST engraved on the back with the recipients Amethyst birthstone set in.

Price guide £130

Hand made Silver Hugging Pendants.

These matching hugging pendants were designed with help from my customers, both each held on a 4mm thick rubber necklace.

Price guide £90 (each)

Silver Yin Yang Jewellery Pendant

This silver Yin & Yang Pendant was commissioned by my customer with the help of some images he’d found.

It has an oxidised, polished and hammered finish. It’s quite large at approx 55mm diameter.

Price Guide £150

Hand made Silver & Gold Dog Tags

Hand made bespoke contemporary jewellery, suitable for cats and people too.

Price guide £50 & £300

Silver Bars Necklace

The commission request was that each silver bar should be different than the next, in any way that I wanted to make it.

Price guide £100

Bespoke Platinum & Diamond Prince Symbol Necklace

Made for a special friend… Helen wanted her old platinum and diamond wedding & engagement rings remade into something more useful.

The new Prince symbol necklace is 3mm thick & approx 4cm high, with a 4mm diamond.

Price Guide £3000 for a new pendant or £1000 if using recycled metal.

Silver Chinese Symbol Necklace

Silver Chinese Symbol Necklace

This single Chinese character necklace is 2mm thick & approx 4cm high.

Price Guide £160

Hand made Gold & Diamonds Necklace

Gold & Diamonds Necklace (remake)

This unusual necklace was made using about 10 of my customer’s handed down gold rings, some had diamonds in them. She also had chains and other pieces I could re-use.

I remodeled all of them & they were beaten, hammered, rolled and filed to make the organic and flowing links, the stones were then reset and the links put together to make this unique necklace.

Price Guide £500

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