Jewellery Metal Finishes

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What are different metal finishes?

A question I get asked quite a lot is about different jewellery metal finishes. Here’s a visual guide to help you.

From polished to matt to brushed to scratched to hammered to bark to diamond to oxidised to gold plated to rhodium plated to ruthenium plated to reticulated – there are different jewellery metal finishes and some are very subtley different. No finish lasts forever and quite often have to be re applied in a few years.

For example, a matt finish will always brighten up and a polished finish will always dull down, so after approx 6 months, they look the same anyway.

Here’s some pictures of pieces I’ve made with different jewellery finishes. to see more of my jewellery with different finishes, go to my commissions page.

To see these pieces in more detail go to my Rings, Cocaine Straw, Barb Wire, Triple Connected Bangles and Commissions pages

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