Product in Process

message bangles

Silver Message Bangle – product in process.

It’s always great to see how something is made. here’s a product in Process. I remember as a child my favourite part of Playschool were the film sections of where they would visit a factory or studio and we’d learn about how something was made. It could have been a topic so inate and boring like how get the foil milk bottle top onto a bottle of milk – but I loved it!

Below is a picture account from my process of making my Message Bangle. Message bangles are made from 6 x 3mm D shaped silver wire or 6 x 2mm flat shaped wire. Each one is £110 and you can have any message of your choice – up to around 65 characters.

To see the Message Bangles in more detail, order and buy click here.

Writing a blog from takes time and effort, and it can understandably get pushed aside, especially when I’m busy making jewellery. But the important thing to remember is I just need to keep going and recording what I do. Even when my schedule falls by the wayside, writing a blog will help me to engage with existing customers and give me the opportunity to target some new ones.

If you have a blog idea that you’d like me to pursue and write or document, let me know, mail me.

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