Ring width & sizing

Colette Hazelwood jewellery ring widths

What’s a good ring width & sizing?

Here’s a visual guide to some of the most common ring width & sizing – I’d always recommend coming in to see me for a chat and to try the actual rings on to see which width ring suits you best. People with long and large hands can get away with a much larger ring than people with short stubby fingers (like me). Also worth considering is the ring ‘shape’. Its a minefield the amount of options you have.

Your ring can be ANY width really, anything from 1mm to 20mm! If you’re having your ring hand made, the world is your oyster. I wouldn’t reccommend having a 1mm silver or 22ct gold ring, the metal is too soft. I also wouldn’t have a 20mm ring if you have short fingers. A very average size of ring, especially traditional wedding rings is 6mm.

Here’s a handy little guide for choosing your ring width & sizing. I would always recommend getting your finger measured properly though, either by me or in any high street jewellers and sending me the ring size, it should be a letter from H – Z (+6).

See more of my rings with different widths here.

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