Stones rings and size help.

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Stones rings and size help.

I love these little info tables… I learn a lot.

Choosing a size of stone or a ring width is very difficult, these little handy pictures may help you. To see some rings that I’ve made using stones, from diamonds to pebbles and rings that I’ve made of varying widths, go to my commissions page.

Colette Hazelwood Contemporary Jewellery stones size help

We all dream of diamonds, and the bigger they are the better right? But do we know a carat when we see it?

Many people don’t realize it, but “carat”, derived from the seed of the Carab tree which was used as a measuring standard. It indicates the weight of a diamond and not its size. The diameter sizes of mined diamonds (of the same carat weight) can vary depending on the proportions to which a particular diamond was cut. Most mined stones are not cut to perfect proportions in order to avoid showing the natural flaws that are prevalent within the rough gem as it is formed.

Carat weight, stones rings and size help.

Carats are the universal unit of measurement for precious gemstones. Unlike the name may suggest, carat size actually refers to the weight of a gemstone, with 1ct equivalent to 200 milligrams. The larger the carat, the heavier the stone will be, which does not necessarily mean an increase in stone size. Two gemstones can be equivalent in weight but not size, therefore, carat weight is not a true indicator of stone size. For example, moissanite weighs roughly 15-18% less than diamonds, meaning that a brilliant round 6.5mm diamond weighs approximately 1ct compared to moissanite which weighs 0.88ct.

The many shapes & sizes of gemstones.

The amazing part of jewellery making is that you can experiment with a whole range of different sizes, shapes and colours – the fun never ends! It can be easy to just stick to the cabochons or faceted stones you’re comfortable setting and forget all about the amazing shapes available.

Make your designs unique with squares, ovals, trillions, marquise, free-form stones and more… If you’re ever in need of guidance or advice, get in contact where I’d be happy to help.

Stones rings and size help

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