Wax Carving Jewellery

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I love wax carving.

There’s just not enough hours in the day to make all the jewellery I’d like to make – unfortunately life gets in the way. If I had more time I’d like to learn more – and practice more wax carving jewellery.

It’s so theraputic, soft and quick, its also very fragile and brittle but extremely satisfying. Watch the video for an to see an expert example.

Wax carving jewellery

Here’s some pictures of contemporary jewellery pieces I’ve made using the wax carving technique.

To see more of my Rings, go to the Rings page. Leave me a comment below with your wax carving acheivements.

With precious metal prices so high these days one of the techniques that is used to reduce waste in jewellery making is wax carving. Working in wax can not only reduce metal wastage but it can also enable a level of detail that is often not possible when working straight into metal.

After the wax has been made, a mould is made around it. This is then heated & the wax melts & runs out of the mould. This technique of jewellery casting is known as ‘lost wax’ casting. Now the mould has the negative shape of the item within ready to be filled with molten precious metal.

I find that wax carving can really cut the costs of handmade jewellery. These savings are then passed on to the customer meaning that stunning bespoke jewellery does not have to cost the earth.

To buy wax carving tools, I’d reccommend Cooksons (UK)

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